Following Saplings Nursery relocation in November 2019, we were able to increase the number of child care places available in most age groups. 

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Saplings offers parents 30 hours Government entitlement. Children attending 3, 4 or 5 days a week, are offered 30 hours automatically if parents are eligible. There is limited availability for 'stretched offers' e.g. attending 22 hours a week all year round. 

From September 2020, Saplings will offer 30 hours to term time only children attending 30 hours a week.


The reason there are annual changes to availability for 30 hours is because funding from Essex County Council does not cover our costs and we therefore have no alternative but to place limitations on access to 30 hours for parents.


If you are disappointed by any of our decisions, please contact your local MP and ask them to

1. lobby parliament to review the regulations

2. increase the funding given to local authorities for the delivery of 30 hours by providers.


As a provider, we are facing increases in pension, inflation, wages, business rates - yet our funding rates remain well below our running costs to break even. All staff over 25 years are paid according to real Living Wage Foundation Rates

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