Enrolling your child at Saplings (Henham)

It is easy to enrol your child at Saplings. 


  1. Please view our Initial Information brochure for parents. 

  2. We would then advise you to make an appointment to view the nursery.

  3. During your visit to Saplings, you will be able to ask questions and discuss your requirements for a place. If you choose Saplings -

  4. You then need to complete an enrolment form which will detail basic information for registering your child with us; the fee for the registration is £30 and is not refundable. 

  5. In addition, you will be required to provide a refundable variable place deposit 

  6. PD50 | PD100 | PD150 are scaled according to the sessions you book, 1-2 | 2+ - 3 days | 3+ - 5 days 

  7. All children starting at Saplings are visited in their own home prior to starting, the manager will make a mutually agreed appointment to visit you to complete our registration form with you, The purpose of the Home Visit is to get to know more about your child to assist us make preparations for their first settling session and to introduce a senior member of staff with responsibility for ensuring that parents needs are met.

  8. Settling your child usually takes place at least two weeks prior to your chosen start date and your child's key carer may make contact to arrange settling in sessions with you if they were not arranged at the home visit. These sessions are free of charge. This will be your opportunity to discuss the immediate needs of your child with the person who will spend the most time with your child, getting to know them and gaining their respect and trust.



PD150  4 - 5 day booking deposit

PD100 2 - 3 day booking deposit

PD50  1 day / less booking deposit

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