Saplings Recommended Resources this month

Each month we will refresh this page with resources we recommend based on our purchase of new resources for the children. Our intention is to enable parents to make links with the resources used at nursery with those at home. 

Each month you will find ONE recommended item listed that we use at Saplings.

We start this month in Wooden Toys

Other Categories​

Wooden Toys - including Kapla, balsa, natural wood, wooden toys, wooden puzzles, wooden games

Books - look in books and audiobooks for your favourite titles - featured in MARCH 2020

Construction - APRIL 2020

Role Play - featured in MAY 2020

Small World Play - JUNE 2020

Outdoor Play - JULY 2020

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Shut the Box - recently purchased by Preschool

This is a fabulous little game for children of all ages.

When playing with young children, we recommend you only use one dice.

Benefits: taking turns, recgognise numbers, count, follow rules, make up their own rules, play alone, play with someone, use numbers up to 6, or use both dice when they can recognise and use higher numbers.

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