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Each month a member of staff will provide a small article on something that relates to the children in their group. This may be the very many funny moments that occur through to the great moments when children can be so profound. We will share these moments with parents, carers and visitors, please check back regularly to get a glimpse of life at Saplings Nursery, Henham

Babies 0 - 2 years, Saplings Nursey, Henham, Bishops Stortford
0 - 2 year olds​ (Piglets & Eeyores)

Such a busy term for Piglets, making a Chinese Dragon painted with our hands and feet ... an our noses! We made Mother's Day cards using sterilised egg boxes, large daffodils from tissue paper for our wall display. We really liked the sensory experience of the mud when planting our daffodil bulbs to take home after we painted the pots using our fingers. Our yummy chocolate krispies were a big hit, with our 'sticker' Easter boxes. Having said all that shaving foam is still our favourite, the garden and the sunshine are a close second.


Indoors Eeyores have been developing fine motor skills with lots of drawing, puzzles, threading and construction. We have tried to throw bean bags into boxes and have made pathways with the big wooden blocks to help with balancing. We have also enjoyed the ever popular trampoline, slide, tent and tunnel to provide the opportunity to climb, crawl and bounce.

We have nearly finished our window box wall display using finger painting and puffy paint to make yet more flowers and we are potato printing red crosses on to white bunting for St George’s Day. We will also be cooking some yummy biscuits with England flag toppers on Thursday 23rd to further celebrate our heritage. For more about us please read our ShoutOut for April

Toddlers, 2 - 3 years at Saplings Nursery, Henham, Bishops Stortford
Preschool, 3 - 5 year olds at Saplings Nursery, Henham, Bishops Stortford
2 - 3 year olds

3 - 5 year olds

We have just finished a fantastic and fun-filled topic of ‘Space’ We have learned such a lot and really enjoyed it … that includes the staff!

Over the past six weeks, we have had an abundance of activities available for the children to participate in, which has captured their curiosity and imagination whilst encouraging great development in all of the ‘Areas of Learning’.

In small adult led groups, we spoke about the Solar System, discussing the names of the planets, their distinctive colours, their size and the distance in relation to each other, Earth and the sun. This activity was a great opportunity for the children to share their own knowledge, one child explained that “Pluto is very cold because it’s soooooo far away from the sun” and when speaking about the sun, a child said “the sun is so bright you can hardly see”, which prompted another child to add “Africa is very hot!”

Over a couple of sessions, the surface of the moon was created in our Messy Room, whilst this fascinating texture was developing, there was lots of chatter about the moon being made of cheese! Additionally, space ships & rockets were constructed out of a variety of resources, the children then became very engrossed in role-playing with their new creations and landing them ‘on the moon’. The creativity didn’t stop there, we designed our very own alien and the children loved making their alien ‘goggle eyed’ space headbands. 


For more ... please read the full version here

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