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What Parents Say

After the children themselves, our parents and carers are our BIGGEST supporters, without whom Saplings would not exist. Thank you for enabling us to care for your children.

Testimonials of parents at Saplings Nursery, Henham
Past comments

Mr & Mrs C                                    Jan 2014

Saplings has always provided my daughter with a safe, nurturing and enjoyable environment where she has been able to grow in confidence and develop into the independent child she is now. She loves the time she spends there and has built strong relationships with the adults and children. The staff know her well and work hard to provide a variety of interesting and engaging activities on a daily basis for her and the children they work with. I have always been impressed with the organised and caring way in which Saplings is run and I feel very lucky to have a child here.'



E Callaghan                            June 2009

"I have nothing but praise for Saplings. They have cared for all three of my children, one of whom has Down's syndrome. They have gone out of their way to provide an inclusive and integrated supportive environment for her and accommodated her particular needs. such as training all staff in Makaton, providing ongoing developmental support in line with recommended practice for children with Down's syndrome & encouraged all staff & children to communicate with her with signing. Highly recommended for all children"





“I cannot speak highly enough of Saplings Nursery. It should be used as a benchmark for other nurseries"

Tina Priestly. 2008

Other Comments

Abi L                                                  Jan 2014

'After making initial contact with Saplings, I was quickly offered a visit and met their wonderful and professional manager. We loved it and were quickly offered a place. Closer to our start date we had good communications with the nursery owner and manager. We were offered a number of settling in sessions and met the lovely staff. Everyone was warm, welcoming and keen to help us settle in. They quickly put my mind at ease and showed us an exciting and stimulating environment for my little one to be in'




Mr & Mrs McKeown                 July 2009

"Both our children have loved going to nursery and speak readily about the staff, some of whom were there when our eldest daughter started at the nursery. We strongly believe that the influence of the nursery has helped nurture our girls into two well-behaved, polite, happy, and fun-loving children. The food is varied and wholesome and our girls are happy to try new foods. The preschool teaching is excellent and preparation for the transition from nursery to school was wonderful. We could not have wished for a better nursery for our children."





“The staff are very friendly and approachable. Their commitment to the welfare of the children is evident in the warm & caring way in which they interact and communicate with the children"

Debra Collins. 2008


Laura P                                                  Jan 2014

'My son has been with Saplings since he was three months old. As a first time mum I was nervous at leaving him at such a young age to go back to work, but the staff at Saplings put me at ease and were very good at catering to his specific needs. I find that all the staff are very helpful and friendly, and the nursery provide a wide range of activites to keep him occupied throughout the day. He loves going to Saplings and often has so much fun that he does not want to leave! I would definately recommend Saplings to anyone looking for a friendly local nursery'




Sonia Brownsett                         March 2014

Saplings is everything you could want from a nursery. Outstanding care, heaps of fun and fair prices. The different staff had the perfect mix of nurture, fun and guidance across the age groups. They were always willing to try to accommodate our requests. Cuddles were always available when needed. Linda's attitude/ethos to outdoor play and risk-taking is so refreshing for a childcare provider and exactly what we wanted for our son. He was encouraged to be the boisterous, happy, confident and muddy little boy that he is, and we are very grateful for their role in this. We are really disappointed that now that there is no bus from Stortford we cannot find a way to give number two the same wonderful experiences that Thomas had.


“I am totally secure that the care that Saplings provide is the best that any mother could wish for. I would not dream of sending my children anywhere else"

Cate Phillips. 2008

Outdoor Play ethos
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