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Saplings has introduced the use of Tapestry to record the developmental progress of the children aged 2 - 5 years in January 2017. Initially this was on a trial basis in Tiggers. As soon as the system goes live to other groups in the nursery and staff have received training on its use, parents will be provided with login access. We always allow at least 6 weeks if your child is new to the setting.  

Tapestry is an innovative, interactive online learning journal


Learning Journals and special books have grown in popularity over the last decade, offering early years settings a way to record the special moments of their children, and to keep parents involved in a partnership as their children blossom and grow. More recently they have been used in conjunction with the EYFS developmental stages to evidence children's progress and provide us with a tracking analysis of the needs of all the children in the setting. 

Traditionally these individual records have been collected in scrapbooks building up into a treasured memoir that children can take with them when they leave for the next stages of their journey through life - each entry forming a thread in the warp and weft of the tapestry that is their life. 

Letter extract:

"The primary purpose of Tapestry is to enable us to plan activities effectively to support or challenge/extend your child’s progress more effectively across all areas of development. You will be able to add to your child’s record with photos, videos and comments of your own. Sharing your child with us in this way really assists us to understand them better and helps us to more fully meet their current interests and needs.


There may be periods of time when we might appear to be dormant in our activity of uploading our findings. Please be patient and do not feel that we are not working with your child, because we will be and at some point, you will be notified via email that staff have uploaded observations for your information and comment.


Tapestry will also be able to create for you a ‘Learning Journal’ which you will be able to download and keep."

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