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Services we offer

​"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". 
Nelson Mandela
0 - ​2 Years

The youngest of our children are in Waltham Hall Cottage, in two rooms: Piglets (younger babies) and Eeyores (older babies). All the staff are qualified to a minimum level 3 in Early Years, hold First Aid and Food Hygiene Certificates. Staff are highly experienced and are dedicated to the babies  in their care and develop high quality relationships with parents. Every baby has their own key carer who will assist them reach their full potential and ensure they are gently integrated with their friends in the room and the wider nursery environment.

2 - ​3 years

​Two year olds are also in Waltham Hall Cottage. Tiggers have access to four dedicated rooms on the first floor of the house. Each room have designated play experiences. Enthusiastic staff work closely with parents and home to nursery communication is a high priority. The staff are qualified to level 3 Early Years, hold First Aid and Food Hygiene Certificates. Staff will in conjunction with parents complete a 2.5 year old development check. Parents contribute to this assessment and receive a copy of the final report.

3 - 5 years

Older 2 year old's transition to Preschool just before they turn 3 years old to Chapter House. Chapter House is dedicated to meeting the needs of children aged 3 - 5 years. The younger children (from 2.9m) are in smaller key carer groups. Children have freedom in the house and have daily opportunities to access all the space and experiences offered by each of the rooms. Staff work with their own groups, moving around with their children ensuring that all the time the children are accessing activities and resources that are of interest to them as individuals. At Saplings, preschool children play to learn, we encourage the development of physical skills, personal & social development and progress in communication skills, setting a solid foundation for 'big school'. The younger children are 'Roos' Kangas are the younger 3 year olds and Owls are the group who will be school leavers

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