Caring for Animals

With the loss of our beloved 'Babe' in April 2020 - a pekin bantam hen, aged 8 years, we hatched 8 rare breed pekin bantam chicks on 29 April 2021 - 5 are cockerels!!
Some hatched chicks at Saplings Nursery, Henham

Chickens are the favourites among the children, we first incubated hens way back in 2008. Having lost our beloved 'Babe' in April 2020 to a fox one morning, we are planning to incubate new pekin bantam chicks in April 2021. We plan to erect a new walk-in-run to house the hens safely at weekends, early mornings and late afternoons. In our new location, we are visited by Mr Fox, so we have taken the steps to introduce a more secure home for them. Works for this will begin Summer 2021. Pekin bantam hens are a lovely variety for young children as they are so gentle and tame. We hatched 'Babe' our bantam hen 8 years ago in the nursery and she was lovely with the children , who, if they remained quiet and calm, could feed her from the palm of their hand. 

Gertrude, our musk turtle at Saplings Nursery, Henham
Musk Turtle

Gertrude our musk turtle was adopted in 2010

Update. Gertrude passed away April 2019. Amber took her home to be buried in her garden. RIP Gertrude over the Rainbow Bridge with all our other lovely pets x

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New chicks hatched 29 April 2021