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Caring for Animals

With the loss of our beloved 'Babe' in April 2020 - a pekin bantam hen, aged 8 years, we hatched 8 rare breed pekin bantam chicks on 29 April 2021 - 5 are cockerels!!
Some hatched chicks at Saplings Nursery, Henham

Chickens are the favourites among the children, we first incubated hens way back in 2008. Having lost our beloved 'Babe' in April 2020 we incubated new pekin bantam chicks in April 2021. As we have foxes and birds of prey visiting us regularly, we have chickens in both gardens in a secure housing arrangement.


Pekin bantam hens are a lovely variety for young children as they are so gentle and tame. We have 6 hens and 1 cockerel in total

We are probably going to allow one of the hens to brood a new batch of chicks in 2023. If you are wanting hens, please let us know.

Giant African Snails

We have two Giant African Land Snails in Waltham Hall - our GALS!

Photos to follow. They are fed organic vegetables, salad and fruit, they have laid 3 batches of snail eggs - please ask us if you ever need a young GAL

Visit our Chicks page to see more of our rare breed pekins

New chicks hatched 29 April 2021
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