Saplings Woodland

We have recently acquired a woodland along the track by Saplings for us to use for a Forest School. It is a lovely outdoor space that we have sectioned into three so that we can manage it better and rotate the use of the area of the children. The woodland is now in use by the preschool children three days a week and other rooms often take the children for an outing to explore and stretch their legs.

Forest School Approach 

Risky Play

Risk taking is Beneficial to children​

There is a huge difference between putting a child at risk and allowing a child to take risks. Whilst there is quite rightly much emphasis on safeguarding children in early years settings, we are confident in our own competence and ‘take a risk ourselves’. Children need and instinctively want to be able to take risks in order that they can test their abilities and strengths. What better environment for them to do so than at Saplings, where staff have removed hazards not readily identifiable to young children and provide well-managed opportunities for appropriate risk-taking to take place?

Mud Kitchen

Saplings Mud Kitchen

Earlier in the year we put out a request for old kitchen equipment no longer in use and some parents very readily offered us a variety of kitchen equipment to use. Now we have an oven, microwave, washing machine, belfast sink and a huge array of smaller pots, pans and utensils. The children thoroughly enjoy their time in this area, there is nothing better for them to bring the traditional indoor play kitchen corner out to the outdoors to combine the experience with the two best elements of play outdoors - mud and water!

Outdoor Play

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